Thursday, November 22, 2012

Enjoy the Turkey Trot Trail this Thanksgiving

If you didn't run in the Turkey Trot race downtown this morning there's still an opportunity to enjoy Shelton's Turkey Trot Trail.

And you don't even have to bring an axe thanks to the hard-working volunteers that cleared out the Hurricane Sandy damage.  There was a lot of damage to the pines along Rt. 108.

The Turkey Trot Trail  is a 3 mile loop and a half that was set up as a 5K run for the cross country teams at the High and Intermediate Schools.  The access point is at the sign kiosk on Constitution Boulevard North between the driveways for the two schools.  It's an easy hike that's good for all family members; 2 and 4 footed.

We named it the Turkey Trot Trail because Bill Dyer and I chased 29 turkeys off the path when were building it.  They didn't go into the woods - just kept running up the trail ahead of us like big chickens.  Turkeys are funny birds that were pretty much wiped out in Connecticut a few decades ago.  Their re-introduction is a great success story & Shelton's open spaces provide good habitat for them.  Enjoy the trails and maybe you'll see a few that are not in a Norman Rockwell picture.

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  1. The last 4 blow downs were cleared on the upper loop of the Turkey Trot on Sat. 12/1/12. There is one rotten log and a large oak top still across the trail near Pine Street - ran out of gas - literally.