Monday, November 26, 2012

Boehm Pond Clean-Up Saturday 12/01/12

The Post-Sandy trail clean up continues this Saturday at Boehm Pond Trail.  We'll meet at 8:30 at the trail head opposite 98 Farmill Street.

This pretty little trail system suffered last year during Hurricane Irene, but that was mostly the oaks.  This year the oaks got it along Farmill St., the pines got hit over by Boehm Pond, and the beeches and birches got  blasted in between.

And I do mean blasted, or maybe shredded.  Look at what happened to this sapling when the larger tree hit it.  It tuned the whole tree into a bundle of toothpicks.

The rest of the trail has other problems.  We can use a lot of help.  If you don't have a chainsaw, axe, or a team of mules don't feel bad.  We can use folks with gloves, rakes, leaf blowers  and bow saws to clear debris off the trails while others are cutting the worst stuff.  So if you want to help reclaim your neighborhood trail, or just explore somewhere new, come on down Saturday for some fresh air.  It may be a little noisy for a bit though.

In somewhat related news, Shelton has a large pile of wood chips available at the Transfer Station if you need them.  The City has a large tub grinder labeled "The Beast" gradually reducing the mountain of logs, stumps, and brush from damage clearing from the two storms.  Too bad we can't use that on the trails.

Now  if we only had a smaller woodchipper for storm clean-up.......

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