Saturday, December 1, 2012

Successful Saturday at Boehm Pond

The Shelton Trails Committee and some great volunteers cleared ALL the blowdowns from the Boehm Pond Trail system on Saturday.  An eight person work party armed with a variety of loppers, rakes, chain saws, and leaf blowers cleared about 1.5 miles of trails in under 3 hours.  It was an excellent effort.

Sheri Dutkanicz and Mike Clay did a great job clearing the trail.  It was Mike's first trail work party and he came armed for bear; with a chain saw in one hand and a leaf blower in the other.  Excellent job Mike!

We fanned out from Farmill Street and tackled different sections of the trail.  Luis and Lynn cleared out the white and yellow loop.  Jim, Rich & Sandy moved over to Winthrop Woods Road and attacked the worst of the blow downs.

This was a typical before picture:  one oak tree came down and took out another oak and they both landed in a pile across the trail.

A little strategic whittling later (note the safety equipment), the trees were out of the way.

Here's Rich and Sandy clearing the trail down from Winthrop Woods Road.  There were a number of trees cleared at the stream crossing.  The yellow trail was in decent shape; but Luis, Mike and Lynn cleared out that loop too.  Jim and company also cleared out to Boehm Pond, and took out a large pine top that was blocking access to the footbridge.  Anybody hardy enough to go fishing now is back in business.

It was grey and raw but except for a little sleet the weather held off.  After the work party members of the trail party headed over to the Huntington Street Cafe for brunch and something hot to drink.  Unfortunately, we discovered that they don'e serve Irish Coffee (boy are they missing a market there), but the brunch was delicious anyways and the coffee was hot.  We should do this more often.  It was a good turnout - thanks to everybody who came.

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  1. Great job guys. Sorry I could not join you, especially at lunch.