Saturday, March 6, 2010


When first engineered a few weeks ago, a route through the generally swampy section of the Paugussett Trail connector, between Independence Dr. and Wellington Dr., was an attempt to bypass the wettest spots. However, the recent snow and rain highlighted areas that were just too wet and unpredictable for casual hiking. We set about to re-route the trail through a more dry foot friendly section.

A temporary bridge across this stream was washed away, a harbinger of what will probably happen again come the Spring rains and run-off.

This soggy section is too extensive to bridge efficiently.

A drier location was found a short distance to the east, where a bridge was placed to cross the stream. The location was higher than the other area, less prone to wash away. The bridge can be seen from higher on the approach.

Hopefully, this bridge will remain out of reach of any high water.
The trail beyond the bridge is clear of any soggy ground.
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  1. Nice pictures Rich,

    The ground on the relocated trail is still rough, so if any ambitious people are looking for things to do they can start clipping stubs with loppers and raking out the trailbed. We could also use some rocks for stepping stones in some of the mushy areas.