Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cold Spring Workout

A good way to start a cold Saturday coffee brought by Terrance Gallagher and donuts provided by Tom Harbinson. Plans called for clearing a trail from the parking area just outside the Maples on Indian Well Road up to the convergence with Route 110. We were to follow what was once the original road, now overgrown, clear dead-falls and invasive brush, and provide footholds at the steep incline at the end of that section of the trail. Terrance Gallagher, Bill Dyer, Jim Taradine, and Rich Skudlarek were later joined by Kelly Walsh.

Rich and Jim yank at stubborn invasive vines hung up in the branches of a pine tree. Rich tried to land a limb on Jim's noggin, but the cold hindered his aim.

A number of fallen trees had to be cut up and removed from the trail.

Bill and Jim set stone steps into the steep incline
to provide better footing on that short climb

Terrance clears some of the matted leaves along the
1930s WPA-built stone wall overlooking the park.

Terrance applies some finishing touches along the newly cleared path.

There's no mistaking where the trail is now!

Kelly picked up a truckload of trash, bottles and cans, the latter of which will be recycled. Why the slobs can't dispose of their rubbish the proper way is any body's guess! Our goal is to make the hiking experience pleasant, and hopefully litter-free.

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  1. Richard, thanks for documenting the activities of the volunteers. Looks like a leaf blower should be the next step.

    BTW - go Mountaineers!