Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain Out

Having come off a fun week of debating the merits of having a Community Garden in Shelton, it was good to have a nice, uncontroversial trail work party scheduled for this morning placing stepping stones in a swamp. Unfortunately, when we scheduled this work party 2 weeks ago we didn't know that a big storm dumping several inches of rain was coming.

So, under soggy conditions, we decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and called a rain out this morning. We'll work on this stretch of the Northwest Passage in a couple of weeks.

Bill, Rich & I then headed over to Orange to Knight's Power Equipment to look at a used trail mower that they had. We have been trying to get this mower for a couple of years to help our volunteers. The briars along the powerlines are always tough to keep up with in summer, and with the addition of more miles of Northwest Passage & the RecPath the maintenance needs go up.

Knight's certainly has a lot of mowers. Some were real antiques. It looks like we'll be able to use the proceeds from one of our grants to get the trail mower, once a few details are cleaned up - hopefully next week. Here's a picture of Bill testing the mower with helpful guidance from Rich:

We also got our Gator back from Martinka's this week after it's annual maintenance, and getting a few odds and ends fixed. Hopefully we've had the last of our snow and we can get going with our work this Spring.


  1. Why is it that Rich is always the yokel and Bill is always the city slicker dude?

  2. He who writes the blog post gets to pick the yokel.