Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trail Volunteer Works Miracles

Last Saturday it rained 4-5" in Shelton and caused a lot of flooding on the trails. The good part was that we didn't lose as many trees as other towns in Fairfield County, but there was some damage. One of our intrepid Trail Committee Members; Rich Skudlarek, went out after the storm with his trusted retriever Molly to inspect the damage using his "special" abilities.

Here is Rich walking across the waters of the Means Brook Floodplain along the RecPath. We all knew he had hidden talents, but he's good.

The RecPath at the North end of the Land Trust Meadow had a major washout. We should fix this soon before someone breaks an ankle. It anybody wants to work on it this weekend let me know.

Large portions of Gristmill Trail on Mill St. also went under water from the flooding on the Far Mill River. The sound of the water was impressive - see the Shelton Trails page for video. This will need some repairs later this Spring, but this shows a good reason to keep floodplains as greenways. If a trail gets washed out it is a nuisance that can be fixed easily. If someone's home or business gets washed away it's a much greater personal loss.

We also had some pretty soggy areas on the Northwest Passage. Glad that we put off Saturday's work party. This week is shaping up to be beautiful after the wet weekend. If anybody wants to put a little time in on the trails sprucing up the damage please feel free to do so.


  1. It wasn't supposed to be the "Walking on Water" trick, but I forgot the words used for "Parting the Waters" . You have to make due with what hand is dealt!

  2. this guy is a real good water he could not do that on salt water

    I think his last name is Walter