Thursday, March 18, 2010

Silent Waters Cruise

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FINALLY! The ice has disappeared, the temperature is in the habitable range at least for a few days, the mice have been evicted from my kayak, and the serenity of the Silent Waters pond calls out to me. It's time to launch! I might even be the first one in this year!

Sign created and erected by Terrance Gallagher

A great place to start is the little-used former reservoir between the Shelton and Huntington centers, just off Route 108 on Constitution Blvd. North. An easy to see sign across from the Shelton Middle School sits at the top of an easy path to a canoe/kayak ramp built by your friendly Shelton Trails Committee volunteers.

The ramp makes the pond accessible throughout most of the three warmer seasons, and improvements are in the works to keep a channel clear even in the driest periods.

Although Silent Waters is not in the league of Lake Zoar, size-wise, anyway, it is a very pleasant, serene place to paddle, fish, or just explore. Weave through the jungle of shrubs long-dead trees at the western edge and you might spot a Great Blue Heron, a muskrat, or maybe even an otter. Or, just veg out, read a book, or listen to your iPod. And there's little chance you will be interrupted by a jet skier!

You'll be the envy of the hikers and dog-walkers crossing the bridge on the Shelton Rec Path.

A Nessie-eyed view of the pedestrian bridge.

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  1. Ooooo, ahhhh, looks like fund!

    P.S. I think the mice would have enjoyed the ride.