Saturday, April 10, 2010

Primitive Escalator


The last work party at this location cleared an overgrown trail
from the Maples area of Indian Well park up to Route 110. A short stretch at the end involved a steep incline, which we temporarily attacked by cutting small footholds into the side of the slope. We returned today to improve the climb by adding more permanent steps, thanks in part to the work of Kelly Walsh, who lugged a bunch of (heavy) discarded columns of perfect size for stairs, as well as a load of nice flat rocks, to the work site. Word to the wise...don't arm wrestle Kelly!

This is what the slope looked like prior to a complete cosmetic overhaul.

Terrance Gallagher, our designated mason, shores up the edges of our staircase, working tirelessly in spite of being hampered by a Spring cold.

Luis Isaza and Jim Taradine set another step in place. Not pictured is Dominic Fabozzi, stairmaster extraordinaire, who we can blame if the steps are not to spec.

Ryan Gallagher clears last Fall's leaves from the stone wall at the top of the trail. The wall, built in the 30's by the WPA, sits atop a ledge that affords a nice view of the woods below. Ryan seems to be recreating a windy Autumn day.

The finished product, hopefully providing an easier, and safer, passage on the Paugussett extension.

Rebar pins were finally added to hold the stairs in place. Pretty neat, huh?


  1. Nice work.

    That will be fun to ride going down and really fun to ride up!

  2. Dear Mark - I know how you mountain bike guys like a challenge, but tell folks to walk the bikes over the stairs for now. Some of the smaller tread stones may get dislodged. It would be good to have bigger stones on some of the treads but we were working with what we could find.

    Rich didn't mention them, but it was also good to see Lynn back in the game off Injured Reserve working with Bill to clear the hillside above the stairs. There's a bit more work to do armoring the outer edge of the stairs, but it was a really productive morning. Thanks Kelly for dropping off all the curbing.

  3. Terry, do you have a waypoint where this descent is located? I post it up on some places to get the word out.

  4. Thanks, Terry, for pointing out credit due to Lynn and Bill, though I did remark on Kelly's biceps at the top of this blog. And I did think of responding to Mark's comment, but I put it off 'til later. Even my brother called me a procrastinator. My response to him, "Just you wait!".