Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Walking and Hot Coffee on the RecPath

I was checking out the progress of the resurfacing project of the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path at Lane Street this morning.  It was a bright clear day with temperature in the 20's; weather to freeze your nose with every breath.  And here comes two walkers back over the Lane Street boardwalk.

This couple was clutching their coffees for all their warmth, while enjoying their morning walk.  They come here frequently and enjoy the RecPath and the Land Trust property off Lane Street.  It was nice to see the nearby residents using the open space in the winter.

The City is in the process of adding fine processed aggregate to the sections of the RecPath where the coarse rocks were showing through.   With a combination of clear weather, fortuitious bid prices, open work schedules, and Bill Dyer's persistence, the City has engaged contractors to top coat selected sections of the RecPath before we recieve heavy snow.  It will be interesting to see how much they get done.  The first sections at Lane St. look great.


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