Sunday, January 17, 2016

IT WORKS!! DeWalt Reciprocating Saw

Meet my new friend Walt - the DeWalt Reciprocating Saw.  Yesterday I was whining to my husband Terry that the stupid bow saw couldn't cut a 2" or 3" branch without binding no matter what I did. The wood was too old and wet. And I said, "With all the great new battery technology, isn't there something cordless that would work?" And he says, "Sure, I have a thing I got for free with the cordless drill kit I bought last year. You could try that." So I went back to a blowdown on the Paugussett I had been working on the other day. And it works! It's not as fast as a chainsaw, and it vibrates like a jack hammer, but it works! And I can stick it in my backpack as I go down the trail. Nice.



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