Friday, January 8, 2016

The Shade Garden Bench Job - Part 1

We're going to experiment with new ways to play with trees tomorrow, if it's not too cold, or icy, or rainy.  We're going to meet over by The Red Barn at 9:00 to see if we can help Mary King by making turning a snapped tree stump into a log, and then cut or split in in half into a bench for the Shade Garden near the Shelton Dog Park.  It should go something like this YouTube video:

Or possibly like this video, but we may have to work on our accents:

This is the spot near the Winterberry bush that Mary wants the bench.  We'll see how this goes tomorrow.

And another closer view of the Winterberry from this morning's work party.  Not only is it attractive, but it offers an important winter food source to wildlife.

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