Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thanks to Shelton Parks & Rec Dept

Thanks to the Shelton Parks and Rec guys for replacing the rotting fence rails along the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path at Silent Waters.

The RecPath runs on top of two historic dams, which is good because it allows the City to provide a level, handicapped-accessible Path for the public to enjoy, but bad because of the drop off on the face of the the dams.  There is a split rail fence installed along the vertical face of the dams (there are 2) for Path user safety.  Unfortunately, in 2006 when the fence was installed we allowed the use of non-pressure treated timber rails in order to stretch the limited City funds (Shelton paid for most of this out of local taxes).  Live and Learn; sometimes the cheapest price isn't always the best.  The non-pressure treated pine rails started to rot after 6 years and the volunteers on the Trails Committee have been replacing them in segments where we can in small batches.  There were probably 50-70 rails (pressure-treated this time) replaced previously by volunteers.

This year the need to fix the fences outstripped our ability to replace the fence rails on the RecPath, and still do all the maintenance work required on the other trails in our system.  In November we were able to have the Conservation Commission buy a large number of rails (also pressure treated) and due to the mild winter the Shelton Parks and Recreation Department was able to replace a lot of rails at one shot with the Mayor's support.

Over 100 new rails were replaced this past December by Parks and Rec crews along the Shelton Lakes RecPath.  Thanks a lot guys, this is a huge and well-needed improvement.  There are still some more rails that need to be replaced, but the most critical spots have been fixed, and the public is continuing to enjoy one of the prettiest spots along the Shelton Lakes RecPath.

Helpful Trail Tip: Use pressure treated rails for your fencing.

Maintenance is never glamorous, or pretty, or makes the newspapers, but it is necessary.  Thanks to Ron, Dean, and the Parks guys for fixing the fence railings. 

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  1. Hats off to the Parks & Rec crews for ALL they do for the Shelton residents!