Saturday, January 9, 2016

What's in Your Go Bucket

We run a lot of trail work parties but had the annoying habit of forgetting to bring something important out into the field that we need (like gas for chain saws).  We also get volunteers, including some High School students getting in their community service hours who don't bring gloves or other gear, so we keep some spares.  In an attempt at organizational efficiency we decided to throw a bunch of stuff into a bucket and bring it with us just in case we needed something in the field.

Here's our Go-Bucket which we cleverly named for just "grab the bucket and go".  We have 2 of them for multiple work sites, and sometimes we even remember to bring them with us in the field.  Here's whats in Bucket #1 currently:

1            5 Gallon Bucket and Lid (Home Depot)
1            Bucket Boss liner sleeve with pockets
1            First Aid Kit
1            Permethrin 12 oz. spray bottle (put on clothes to kill ticks)
2 pks      Off towelettes
2 pks      Hot Hands
1 pr        Ear Muffs
2 bags    Foam Ear Plugs
2 pr        Safety Glasses
2 pr        Work Gloves (plus one extra right hand glove)
-             Garbage bags - large
-             Garbage bags - small
2.5 rolls Flagging
1            Notebook (Rite-in-the-Rain)
2            Sharpies
1            Lumber crayon
4-5         pencils
10          TrailCom Business Cards (mix of Rich's cards to hand out)
1            Topsaw chainsaw multi-tool
1            hammer
2 pr        pliers
1            knife
1 box     matches
1 bottle  2 cycle oil
50 ft      1/8" parachute cord
1 can     WD-40
1            bottle opener
1            volunteer RecPath hat

Here's all the junk laid out.  The 5 gallon pail and lid with the bucket sleeve is a handy way to carry this stuff.  Some things that we may want to add are benedryl (for bee stings), neosporin (minor cuts), laminated emergency contact phone number list, duct tape, small tape measure, clipboard and sign-in sheets, small flash light, tissues, and a couple of granola bars.  We can't get too much stuff or we'll need a Shetland Pony to pack it all in to the work sites.  We don't need to keep everything in the bucket because we have separate tool boxes in Gator, or with some of the power tools.  And generally we're not that far from a road or trailhead.

Most people bring their own gear to the work parties, but these odds and ends things can come in handy.  We don't guarantee that we always have everything, or that we even remember to bring the buckets out to every work party, but we try to Be Prepared.  We want all the trails events to be safe and enjoyable, where possible. Now where's that duct tape?

Now we just have to check the other bucket contents and maybe we'll find that missing glove.  What's in your Go-Bucket?

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