Friday, January 15, 2016

Paugussett Trail North - Let's Get Started!

Last November, Terry & Teresa (writing this) accepted the role of CFPA Trail Managers for the Paugussett Trail from Indian Well State Park to the Monroe border. Lynn Reid is the TM for the Paugussett south of Indian Well, and I sadly do not know who is currently the TM for the Monroe section. 

Not too bad...but this section will need a brush cutter soon.
We are making the most of the freakishly warm fall and winter so far, and getting things done. After reblazing and clearing the side-loop called Tahmore Trail, we are working on the main trail, starting at Indian Well and working our way north. 

The blazes are in good shape, but there are some blowdowns to attend to, like this one making the trail nearly impassible.  I did my best without the benefit of a chainsaw, using only loppers and a handsaw, which should have been sufficient but the handsaw kept binding terribly. 


It's not pretty, but you can get around it now. We'll tidy that up later. For right now, we just want to make sure hikers can get down the trail.  Today's goal was to make it to boundary line of Indian Well with Birchbank and post a Shelton Open Space marker, which I did. The DEEP conveniently marked the border with yellow paint.  

That entire stretch of the trail needs touching up. I give it a grade of "C". Passable and well-blazed, but there are stretches with thorny raspberries and barberry filling in that will need to be cut back. The woods is littered with blowdowns that had to be sawed up over the years. A section that crosses a stream is somewhat confusing and needs work as well.

Indian Well & Birchbank boundary line.

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