2016 Marathon Hike #8: Boehm Pond

SUMMARY: This is a fairly easy hike on the west end of Huntington, but there is a stream crossing that some people may find a bit challenging. It's a loop hike with a spur to a small pond, and you will need to pay close attention to the blazes.

PARKING: There is limited parking at a small pull-off at #99 Far Mill Street (not Mill Street). See on Google Maps.

BLAZE COLORS: White and yellow rectangles painted on trees.

TRAIL MAP: The route is highlighted in orange below. For a full size printable map of the park, click HERE (pdf).

TRAIL DESCRIPTION: We will be hiking the loop counterclockwise.  From the parking area, follow the white blazes to the right, being careful not to turn off on any of the illegal ATV paths. Keep an eye out for double blazes: The higher blaze indicates the direction of a turn you may miss. The trail will rise onto a rocky knob and take a sharp left (if you miss the turn you'll come out onto Copper Penny Lane) around the knob, and then you should keep an eye out for the yellow trail on the right, at the triple oak tree.

Turn right on yellow. The trail will bend to the left and then Boehm Brook will be on your right until you cross the brook at the little cascade, and come out onto Winthrop Woods Road. The blazes cross the street and take you on an old woods road. Watch for a sharp left off the old road at the metal gate, as the blazes bring you to Boehm Pond.

After enjoying the little pond, go back the way you came, crossing Winthrop Woods Road, and after crossing back over Boehm Brook,  start looking for a yellow/white connector trail at a "Y" in the trail. The blazes are half yellow and half  white. It's blazed yellow/white because it connects the Yellow to the White Trail.

Once on the yellow/white connector, you almost immediately arrive back on the white loop. Follow the white blazes to the right up the hill, and then go right onto the access trail blazed with white squares, which takes you to your car.

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