2016 Marathon Hike #11: Tahmore Trail

SUMMARY:  Tahmore Trail is a moderately difficult loop on Land Trust property with a short spur leading into Indian Well State Park to a scenic overlook of the Housatonic River.  There are some ups and downs and a few areas with cross slopes where the trail could be benched into the side of the hill for better footing, so this hike is much easier to do before the leaves oak leaves fall in November.

PARKING: At the end of Tahmore Place, a cul-de-sac. From the traffic light at the intersection of Rt 110 and Maple/East Village Road (where the shopping center is), drive north on East Village Road to the first stop sign, then go straight onto Wabuda Place (East Village Road goes left here). Continue to the end of the Wabuda Place and turn right onto Sachem Drive. Continue to the end of Sachem and go left onto East Village Drive. Take the first right onto Tahmore Place and drive all the way to the end of the road and park. Click HERE for link to Google Map.

TRAIL ISSUES:  The Housatonic Overlook is overgrown and the river cannot be seen until the leaves fall or we are able to arrange for the overlook to be cleared. 

BLAZE COLOR: Blue/yellow rectangles painted on trees, sometimes described as 'blue over yellow.' The blaze is blue on top and yellow on the bottom. This color scheme signifies a trail that connects up with the blue-blazed Paugussett Trail. Note that 3/4 of the trail was reblazed in 2015. The rest of the trail reblazing is pending a possible reroute, but that section of trail is easy to follow.


DESCRIPTION: We will be doing this loop clockwise. From your car, follow the dirt path at the very end of the cul-de-sac up the slope, and it's only a few steps to the blue/yellow blazes on the left. If you miss the turn, you will see red blazes ahead of you - turn back to find the blue/yellow blazes.  The blazes are sharp and fresh for the first 3/4 mile of trail.

Continue down the hill until you see a 3-way intersection, with blue/yellow blazes going in all three directions. Bear left here and you should see a blue blaze for the Paugussett Trail straight ahead. Go right onto the Paugussett Trail for a short ways, passing a partial overlook to arrive at an unobstructed overlook of the Housatonic River. After enjoying the view, go back the way you came to that 3-way intersection where blue/yellow goes in all directions. Bear left to continue your clockwise loop.

Following the blue/yellow blazes you'll go up a hill then down again to a valley between two hills. At this point, the red trail comes in on the right along the valley floor, while the blue/yellow blazes go left, then right to climb a short, steep hill. This next section has some areas that need to be benched into the side of a hill to reduce the cross slope (attention Scouts!). The trail goes down hill for a long ways, passing a view of a meadow with cattle, then goes up a small hill to an interesting rocky knoll surrounded by placed boulders and cedar trees.

At this cedar knoll the trail goes sharply right and continues on to pass through a stone wall then cross over a wooden bridge. Up the hill then, and the new blazing ends due to a possible reroute, but you should be able to spot some of the older, faded blazes as the trail continues up the hill and follows an old road at the very edge of the Land Trust property. with a long stone wall on the left. You will be walking next to several homes and back yards. Follow the old road all the way back to your car.

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