Sunday, October 6, 2013

Greetings from Shelton Day 2013

Well, the weathermen lied to us again.  Instead of a nice partly sunny Fall day it started out cloudy, got drizzly, cleared somewhat, got cooler and windier, and finished misty.  Not the best day for Shelton Day.  However we did set up our booth and talked to a lot of folks despite the weather.

Here's Bill Dyer and Jim Taradine talking to folks about trails and handing out trail maps.  On a week when our ranks were severely depleted by injuries and accidents we were still able to field a team for Shelton Day.

A number of people signed up for our e-mails about trail work parties and events; which is our main reason for doing Shelton Day.  Shelton's trails are built and maintained by volunteers so we're always interesting in getting new folks involved.  We had some great discussions with residents about trails in their neighborhoods, destinations for tourists, and City-wide attractions.

Lynn Reid brought candy bars, but her two puppies were the main attraction to the booth.

I mean, who can say no to little kids and little dogs.  I do think the pups may have been a little heavier after the Smoke and Bones barbecue, and the Liquid Lunch leftovers.

There were a lot of other community organizations at the event; including our friends for SEDC and the History Center.  Love that Canal Street Rendering - we can hardly wait until it's finished to tie in with the Riverwalk all the way up to the dam locks.

Another interesting event in the books.  Next year we'll laminate some of the maps in case of rain and that'll ensure good weather.  Thanks to the Derby-Shelton Rotary Club for hosting the event, and to all the people that stopped to say hi or sign up for our events.  See you at our next work party or hike.

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