Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Busy September on the Trails

It was a busy September on Shelton's Trails & Greenways.  A lot of work on the Paugussett Trail was the result of an earlier than expected review by Connecticut Forest & Parks Association, a number of projects being completed, and some fabulous September weather.  Not all of the following projects were by the Shelton Trails Committee, but people should realize all the work that goes into creating a successful trails program.

  • 8/21  Emily Tarini's Girl Scout Project at the Dog Park to install benches, guide rail, planters, flowers, and re-painted the shed (yes that was in late August, but we love the color).
  • 9/4    Trail Committee Meeting & appearance before the Alderman's Public Safety meeting to discuss adding sidewalks & crosswalks in Huntington Center to link up with the RecPath.
  • 9/7    Meeting with scout on Birchbank Mountain erosion control project.
  • 9/11   Shelton Land Trust Meeting
  • 9/14   Work Party - Paugussett Trail clearing - Independence Dr. to Wellington Court to Waicek Open Space.
  • 9/15    Scout project installs 2 footbridges on Paugussett Trail North of Independence Drive.
  • 9/16   Furious trail blazing and weedwhacking by Teresa Gallagher
  • 9/17   Paugussett Trail walk thru with Chuck Sack of Connecticut Forest & Parks Association from Buddington Road to Indian Well State Park
  • 9/18   Harvest Moon Hike on the RecPath (and we didn't lose anybody)
  • 9/19   Letterboxing Hike for Adults
  • 9/22   Mini-Work Party - Paugussett Trail - installing waymarker posts in Waicek per CFPA comments & other on-going trail blazing and clearing.
  • 9/22   Another scout bridge (#3) installed north of Independence Drive
  • 9/27   Mini-Work Party - Paugussett Trail - clearing Mayflower Lane entrance
  • 9/28   Work Party - Far Mill Trail behind ASO Sports - clearing blowdowns, repairing erosion, and picking up a LOT of trash in Pine Rock Park(
  • 9/28   Nells Loop Trail - Eagle Scout (Logan Claire) project completed small bridge and rock work east of parking lot.
  • 9/28   Scout kiosk completed at Nells Loop Trail on Nells Rock Road 
  • 9/28   Scout kiosk (#2) completed at Birchbank Mountain
  • 9/29   Mini-Work Party - Paugussett Trail at Indian Well State Park - setting waymarker posts and mowing brush, clearing brush piles, blazing trails.
  • 10/1   Coordination with CFPA, CT DEEP, Shelton Highways & Bridges (thanks) regarding trail projects and clean ups
  • 10/2   October Trails Meeting - everybody is welcome to attend.  

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