Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dismantling the Hope Lake Bridge

On Sat. 10/5/13 volunteers from the Boys Scouts and Trails Committee began dismantling the Hope Lake arch bridge.

It was a shame to have to do it, but the bridge foundations were becoming unstable.  We had put up a number of signs to keep people off the bridge while we tried to determine the best course of action.  Unfortunately, there were episodes of vandalism where portions of the bridge railings were broken.

Normally, we would fix the railings and move on, but there is a finite amount of volunteer time out there, and we decided in this case to remove the entire bridge.

The arch bridge went out to a pretty point on the south end of Hope Lake on Nells Rock Road.

We carried all the lumber out by hand and saved it for future bridges and trail projects.  Future work parties will be announced to remove the rest of the structural timbers.  There may be a low boardwalk or stepping stones placed to assist people getting to the point - we're not sure yet - right now the water is low enough to walk out there and that may be how it's left.  The arch bridge was an ambitious project that a lot of good effort went into.  It's been a great year for scout projects, and more posts will be coming on other recent scout achievements.


  1. Note to Terry: I didn't take this photo!

  2. That is sad. It was a pretty bridge. Sounds like the safest option though.