Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hoptoberfest (we can't do free work all the time)

Another Saturday morning, another work party.  We met at the Red Barn by the Shelton Dog Park, then headed off to work on the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path.  It was a great team with a lot of  volunteers; we levitated leaves, we fixed fences, we found benches, we beautified barns, all at no cost to the taxpayer.  God were we gullible goobers, but we had a good time on a beautiful Fall morning.

Rich and Sandie will probably detail  the "work" portion of the work party, however some of us had enjoyed the "party" portion at The Slab afterwords.  The Derby-Shelton Rotary Club was hosting their first ever Hoptoberfest  by the Farmers Market.

So while a few Trails Committee members were watching a nail-biter 62-17 UConn game (and not in a good way), the rest of us were out supporting the Rotary Club.  They sponsor Shelton Day where we have our annual booth to talk to folks about open space and trails in their neighborhoods.

Teresa was enjoying Howie and the Soul Potatoes at the Pavilion in the sun.  A very fine design by Jim Tate & Company.

It was a beautiful afternoon, if somewhat blustery, at The Slab along the Housatonic River downtown.  Its hard to imagine what this brownfield site used to look like in it's post-industrial heyday before it became the major downtown park.  The Conservation Commission and Trails Committee have been long-time supporters of better public access in downtown along the River and it is starting to pay off with downtown revitalization.  It's really good to see community events like this bringing people into downtown.

A number of folks were trying out their bikes and skateboards along the Riverwalk.

Terry & Bill were doing their part to support the Rotary Club.  Don't ever let it be said that the Trails Committee isn't civic minded.

We'd like to discuss a few suggestions for next year though; start a week earlier, add several more porta-potties, and fill up larger cups.  Possibly add a polka band just to fit in and keep up the Valley image.

All in all it was a great time & we'd recommend doing it again next year.  We'll definitely have more trails volunteers off the Disabled List by then and be able to make a better showing.  We need more parties at the end of work parties.

And a nice job by Allegra Printers on the graphics for the event.  They've helped out with printing for the City on our trail maps and brochures.  They are a good local business if you need printing.

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