Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shelton Day 2010

Join the Trails Committee tomorrow at Shelton Day. Our booth will be located somewhere between Dunkin' Doughnuts and Danny O's; the perfect location for the trails crew.

We'll have new maps, wildflower seeds from Eklund Garden, RecPath tee shirts, walking sticks, and lots of information. Learn about the open space in your neighborhood, good fishing spots, places to hike or bike, or how you can help your trails. Get your picture taken with Pedro the Jackalope. Who knows, you might even run into Bill Dyer in a bear suit.

Well we couldn't get Bill into a bear suit, but here's a picture of Rich, Bill, a guy in a bear suit, and Jim. They are manning, or bearing, the booths out there this afternoon. Stop by, say hello, pick up some free maps, and sign up for our trail work parties. We're getting a lot of good feedback on the trail system. The more people that we have to help maintain the trails the easier and better it is for everybody.

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