Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fixing Lane St. RecPath Gateway

Yesterday we replaced the temporary wooden post at Lane St. that prevented unauthorized vehicles from driving on the RecPath. A previous post was broken by vandals and that allowed guys to try to drive their car on the boardwalk last week.

A pair of granite posts are going in soon on either side of the removable post; about where the sledgehammer and workmate are in the above photo. A permanent fold-down bollard will eventually be installed where the temporary post is located. This will allow access for maintenance and emergency vehicles, but will prevent midnight excursions like last week's driving a Cadillac across the Boardwalk.

Here is a photo of the boardwalk after Mr. Durkin's car was towed off of it last Sunday.

It looks like Mr. Durkin got back recently to patch the deck before somebody tripped, which is good.

And here's a couple of our customers out enjoying the RecPath. We also had a number of teenagers walking, a family walking their dog, some bikers, and other couples out enjoying a beautiful fall day. All of them came by within the hour that I was replacing the post. And we don't need any of them getting hurt due to vandalism.

And here's the bikers testing the new post - looks like it works well & is safe.

It's becoming apparent that we need some limited parking near the RecPath entrance. The available land is limited due to the narrow scenic road, and inland wetlands. We scaled back our entrance when we got our Inland Wetland approval - we may have to go back to the Inland Wetland Commission to provide a little parking just for functionality. The parking would probably have to go on the left behind where my car is parked in the photo.

Well the entry is fixed for now so people can enjoy the RecPath. A work party is scheduled for this area next weekend to move mulch, dress the shoulders, cut brush, and make other improvements. Volunteers are encouraged and welcome. If you've never been here before it's one of Shelton's really scenic hidden open spaces.

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