Monday, October 11, 2010

Scouts, Stones, Streets, & Stumphenge

It was a busy time in the woods this past Columbus Day Weekend. While the Trails Committee & volunteers were out working on the RecPath, other folks had created some eclectic woodland seating; but more on that later.

In another portion of the open spaces Ken Gregiorio and his eagle scouts were wrapping up a lot of hard work along the Blue Dot trail (formerly Dominick Trail). They were working on the stretch between the Eklund Native Species Garden on Oak Valley Road, and 4 Corners going toward the Abby Wright parking lot.

They brought in and placed over 10 Gator-loads of crushed stone to improve the footing through a boulderfield, and closed off a short cut trail that some users had made going though a wetland.

Ken and his friends, with a little help from Rich S. and his trusty Gator, marshaled a work team to get, carry, and place the stone well back into the woods. This was the last part of their project that included some restoration, creating a portion of a mountain biking bypass around a cliff, and building some stone stairs. Ken & his friends moved a lot of stone in this area. We think they wore Rich out.

Elsewhere new temporary posts were set to try to deter motor vehicles from driving on the RecPath. We're trying to make sure nobody gets hurt or does damage driving on the RecPath (see the earlier Boardwalk post). We are currently in the process of ordering new foldable/removable bollards for the road crossings. We also have new granite posts on the way and hope to have some of those in next month - just about the time that new construction starts on the RecPath.

And you may have noticed Iroquois Gas Pipeline Co. out mowing their Right of Way last week. Last month was CL&P's turn, this month it's Iroquois, so we may have a little clean up and signage to do along the Paugussett Trail so hikers don't get confused. Just bring one of our new maps and follow the blue blazes and you won't get lost (we hope - it's not our fault).

Which brings us back to Stumphenge. What happens when the Parks and Rec crew has a little time on their hands at lunch clearing for fencing at the new Bark Park. They get creative and do a little whittling, with chainsaws.

So you, or your pooch, may have a rustic seat awaiting you when the Bark Park opens. Not sure when that will be but the contract for the fence was awarded. Construction should start....Oh...., right about the time our RecPath construction starts, in the same place. It should make for an interesting Fall.

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