Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scenes from Shelton Day

Another successful Shelton Day. It started a little cold, but it warmed up when the sun came out. A lot of people stopped to say hi to Bob the Bobcat, or to pick up some wildflower seeds from Eklund Garden.

Pedro the Jackalope got a lot of paparazzi attention.

Greetings from your friendly neighborhood Shelton Trails Committee; Rich, Terry, Jim, Bill, and Sherri. We took a vote and based on how many people stopped by, it does appear that Sherri knows every single person in Shelton.

We had a good location, handed out several hundred free trail maps, and talked to people about how to enjoy the trails and parks in their neighborhood.

Nancy & her son came and helped out with the public. It's a big help when people can take time out of their weekend and volunteer. People rotated in and out of the booth. Teresa colored a couple of hundred maps and prepared about 75 packets of Shelton wildflower seeds from the Eklund Native Species Garden.

Pedro and I are going to hit Danny O's...

There were huge crowds of people walking up and down Howe Avenue.

Some were dressed for the cool weather....

Some were making speeches ....

and some were just waiting for the bar to open.

It was fun to talk to all our friends and volunteers; old and new. It was great to tell everybody about our news regarding the Paugussett Trail and the RecPath. We have a fun work party scheduled for next Saturday at Lane St. at 8:30 to move mulch, trim brush, and shape trail edges along the RecPath - see you there.

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  1. Great report! Question: Who was the designated driver, you or Pedro?