Saturday, October 9, 2010

Columbus Day Mulch Party

Sunny, 60's, no humidity, beautiful Fall Saturday morning, - so what did some Sheltonites do - they came down to the RecPath at Lane Street to do some do-good work. The Parks & Rec Dept. guys dropped off some wood chip mulch at different points and we cleaned up the edges of the RecPath to make the Huntington Center gateway more inviting.

Rich and Jim were trying to increase productivity by chasing the volunteers with pitchforks. But, after we explained the whole Volunteering Is Supposed To Be Fun concept to them they went back to mowing the brush along the edges of the RecPath and moving a couple of mulch piles to dress up the edges. The wood chips help prevent erosion and make the edges a little safer in places so walkers don't twist their ankles.

Carol & Luis were clearing out some of the brush and briars that had been growing into the RecPath. This thankless task gives people a bit more elbow room and makes it safer and more enjoyable to bike and walk along the RecPath. People may enjoy the feeling of this even when they don't immediately see the work that was done. Thanks for working in the brush guys.

Helpful Trail Tip: the difference between Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper is that Poison Ivy has 3 smooth leaves. Hopefully nobody is itching too much tonight.

Here's Sheri raking the leaves off the RecPath but leaving the stones. A real pro! Happy Anniversary. Thanks to everybody that came out including Janice, Gary, and Lynn. Having a good sized crew makes the work go fast.

Everybody enjoy the trails & RecPath this Columbus Day weekend. The area between Lane St. and the Boardwalk looks great.

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