Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Shelton Sports Person of the Year Award

On October 19, 2009, The Shelton Trails Committee was honored to receive the Shelton Sports Person of the Year Award from the Fairfield County Sports Commission at their annual dinner in Greenwich. Chairperson Victoria Lorusso (center) is shown above presenting the award to Sheri Dutkanicz & Bill Dyer.

And here's another photo of Sheri & Bill with the award plaque. The award by the Sports Commission was for the Trails Committee's work to make Shelton's open spaces more accessible to the public, organizing volunteers, promoting outdoor recreation and open spaces. The Fairfield County Sports Commission recognizes individuals and groups that have had some positive impact on area communities with local or regional sports. The plaque will soon be on display in Shelton City Hall.

Here is a photo of the Shelton Trails Committee. From left is Peter Conway, Bill Dyer, Bob Wilkins, Lynn Reid, Rich Skudlarek, Terry Gallagher, and Sheri Dutkanicz. Missing from photo: Andy Cable & Jim Taradine. This group shown is just a fraction of the volunteers that help out with Shelton's trails and greenways each year. We would like to thank all the volunteers, and the Fairfield County Sports Commission for this totally unexpected and greatly appreciated award.

And here by popular demand is another version of the Trails Committee. We said that it's too bad that that there wasn't some critter in the picture & this is what we got back from Rich.


  1. What happened to the gorilla and Tom Selleck?

  2. Terry, great job blogging the award. Yes we were certainly surprised when notified of the award. But the decision was made on the issue of passive recreation (hiking, trail walking, biking, etc.) having a major impact in combating obesity and sedentary lifestyle in the general population. We accepted the award for all the trail volunteers in Shelton and Fairfield County.

    That sure looks like Vanna White in the first photo?

  3. Yeah! The gorilla always gets short shrift!

  4. Alright already - I added the alternative photo of the Trail Com.