Tuesday, December 29, 2009

25 & 25 - The Nell's Loop Frost Hike

Twenty five degrees with 25 mile per hour winds; gusting to 50 mph. What lovely weather for our Nells Loop Hike today.

We had 13 hardy souls & 4 dogs out for a sunny, but cold walk. It was so cold that Emma's tongue apparently froze to her face.

We met at the Abby Wright Parking Lot (opposite L'Hermitage Condominiums) on Nells Rock Road. We had been worried that the trails might be too wet when it was 50 degrees on Sunday, but everything was frozen, so we had that going for us. Lynn led us off to the powerlines and we ran the hike counterclockwise from the route described on the Shelton Trails website.

Everybody was pretty well bundled up so we didn't have too many problems. Even the dogs had sweaters.

Aayah, that north wind's a might nippy today. Did I mention it was gusting to 50 mph today on the ridgetops? Normally we stop for a bit at the powerlines to enjoy the view, but today - not so much. Click here if you want to see a wind chill chart to see what 50 mph feels like. Geoff Fox on Channel 8 Weather said that this was one of the coldest days he had seen in Connecticut because of the strong winds, and there was various damage around the state from downed trees. We had no problems other than some red noses and rosy cheeks.

We did stop (briefly) at various spots, like this turn off on the Bridge to Bridge hike to Wesley Drive so everybody could get their bearings. The Nells Loop Trail is good because the terrain is easy and there are a lot of access points to various other trails and neighborhoods that make it easy to create an enjoyable loop. The Nells Loop Trail is used by a lot of dog walkers, and is good for cross county skiing and snowshoeing. See the Shelton Trails website for additional maps and measured routes.

This girl gets the prize for the most stylish hiking outfit of the day. She was bundled up with multiple warm layers & everybody liked the shades and fluffy scarf. She and her dad had a good time on the invigorating hike.

The wind wasn't as fierce when we were in the woods and we did the whole 1.56 mile loop in under an hour. Thanks to Rich for taking pictures and everybody for coming out on a clear but windy winter day. We hope all the hikers were able to enjoy the hot chocolate or brandy of their choice when they got home.

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