Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Years

It's officially January; the temperature is dropping, the wind is blowing, the snow is swirling - a good day for a hike. Nahh; it's a good day to load up the fireplace & enjoy a Sam Adams Winter Lager. It seems like it's been snowing non-stop all weekend. Not heavy, but constant - with wind. Or as somebody said yesterday - "It's like being back in Cleveland with the lake-effect snow".

Tomorrow is supposed to be better - like New Years Day when it was sunny and about 30. I took our dog on a nice long walk that day up the Recreation Path from Wesley Drive, out around Nells Loop Trail, over on Dominick Trail and back. We met a number of other folks out enjoying the day & walking their dogs too. It was a great to enjoy the Shelton Lakes Greenway in the new snow. It was much more civilized than our Frost Hike last Tuesday. If only we could predict the weather when we scheduled these events.

The Shelton Lakes Recreation Path along Wesley Drive was really pretty overlooking the gorge. The waterfall by Scotch Pine Road was running well. The brook was babbling. Once you got a little away from the houses it felt like you could've been up in New Hampshire.

There was another little artistic cairn along the Dominick Trail. The leprechauns have been busy.

If you haven't seen it yet the Iroquois Gas Company has put our Lane St. Boardwalk on the cover of their calendar this year. The Boardwalk was a joint project with the Shelton Land Conservation Trust & funded by Iroquois and New Alliance Bank. It's very gratifying when one of our projects turns out so well that people like to use it as part of their artwork. The Lane St. Boardwalk was a real cooperative community project & now that the Lane St. entry is done the Boardwalk and Land Trust Property are much easier to enjoy. Just take a short walk down Lane St. from the Huntington Center Fire House.

2009 was a good year for Shelton Trails; hopefully 2010 will continue that tradition. Our first Trails Committee meeting of the year is this Wednesday at 5:00 in City Hall if anybody wants to attend.

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