Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gristmill Trail along the Far Mill River

It was a hot day, a day that only mad dogs and Englishmen (and clueless trail huggers) go out in the flaming heat. Fortunately the Gristmill Trail is a short, but scenic, path aside the Far Mill River, with access to fishing and a nice place for an easy stroll, and we started out early enough to get ahead of the mid day sun. Vegetation was beginning to impede walking, especially briers and invasive shrubs.

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Chris, Jim and Terry hack away at the weeds and brush
 While Rich pulled out the gas-powered hedge whacker, Jim went Old School on the brush.

We were a little soaked due to humidity at the end of the work party, but Gristmill is clear for those enjoying the Shelton Trails Marathon Challenge.

Gristmill Trail is accessed off Mill Street.  There is a parking pulloff near Judson Street that was recently improved by the City with millings, and another with a kiosk near the dam about a quarter mile northwest of Judson.  The trail includes the remains of old dams and mill stone foundations that date back to the settling of Shelton.  This trail is one of several spots along the larger Far Mill Greenway where the public can enjoy the river.

The Far Mill River is a short, but scenic destination on hot Summer Day

The Far Mill Watershed drains much of Shelton, with portions of Trumbull, Monroe and Stratford.  For more information on the river click on the hi-lighted link.  The outlet on the Housatonic River is between Sikorsky's and The Transfer Station. 

Thanks to volunteer Chris and Shelton Trails Committee members Jim, Terry and Richard for challenging the elements on this ungentle Saturday.

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