Monday, July 25, 2016

Birchbank Trailhead Makeover

See the bench? It's so covered up with invasive Japanese Knotweed, it's hard to see. The photo was taken in 2015 before we began efforts to eradicate a vast area of knotweed at the beginning of the trail. The "after" photo is just below it. 

June 2015 "BEFORE" - all Japanese Knotweed
July 2016 - same spot "AFTER"
This spot has good sun, well-drained but moist soil with a neutral pH, so after the knotweed was mostly gone, some flowers were planted. 

Bee balm has been a big hit, attracting lots of hummingbirds and butterflies. The "After" photo doesn't do it justice since it wasn't in full bloom yet. The video is better. 

The deer like this one too much - Woodland Sunflower

Woodland Sunflower is a native that is found growing along roadsides, but the deer have just demolished it. This plant is often four or five feet tall. A few packets of free wildflower seeds were also planted, and some of those are coming up and blooming. Not bad!

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  1. This was a big trailhead upgrade. Pick up trash and wipe out a lot of invasive plants that were taking over, plant a bunch of wildflowers that helps wildlife, and create an attractive neighborhood gateway for residents on their way home. This should be duplicated in other spots around Shelton.