Sunday, July 31, 2016

Exploring around Town on a Warm Weekend

It's been hot the last two weeks so some people are taking to the water.

This was a nice scene with a family out fishing and kayaking at Hope Lake today.  Other families were fishing from shore or hiking around the lake along Nells Rock Road.

There was a report of multiple trees blocking the Paugussett Trail north of Princess Wehnonah Drive.  It was a short hike in up in the Poets Section, but steep.  Here's the Before picture of a red oak that snapped and took out a hickory on the way down across the trail.

And here's the After Picture. It was warm work but the trail is cleared.  People should try to explore the Poet's Section of the Paugussett, it's a nice neighborhood trail in the White Hills.

After the clearing there was a quick stop at Eklund Garden on Oak Valley Road.  The flowers were looking great.

It's an unexpected spot along the Paugussett Trail, and you may find some good ideas for using native plants around your home. 

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