Thursday, September 4, 2014

Google Maps Can't Get Shelton Right

The grand opening for the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path was two full years ago, and that's how long I've been begging Google to fix their map. I've submitted repeated "Report a Problem" requests and also gone into their user editor mode (Google Map Maker) repeatedly. Every time I submit a request, I provide a link to our official City maps on our official City website as a reference. On rare occasion, they will actually make an attempt to fix it, and only make matters worse. After the latest "correction", we now have a network of trails all labeled "Shelton Lakes Recreation Path". This is like labeling every street in Bridgeport as "I-95".   I don't know who submitted some of the other trail information to Google, but I wish they would stop, because Google insists on labeling every single trail as the Rec Path, including bits and pieces of Oak Valley Trail, Nells Rock Trail, the Flower Trail, the Paugussett Trail, and an emergency fire access road that connects Lane Street to Wesley Drive. It's a mess. For the longest time, according to Google Maps, you could get on the Rec Path across the street from L'Hermitage Condos, which is very, very wrong.

Dear Google: Not everything is the Rec Path, including this emergency access road.

They can't get the parks right, either. They still have two "East Village Parks" in Shelton, one in the correct location on East Village Road, and one inexplicably over by the Monroe border. The second park is completely fictional and mostly covers land owned by the Aquarion Water Company and the Stockmal family. It's private property and you would be trespassing if you tried to walk it. That's another error I've repeatedly tried to correct over many years and am just ignored.

Most of this fictional "East Village Park" is private property (the correct East Village Park is off to the right).

Shelton's largest park went missing. Why?
While Google refuses to remove their fictional western "East Village Park," they did remove the largest park in Shelton, the 450+ acres of the Shelton Lakes Greenway.  I personally spent a lot of time entering the contorted property lines of this park into the Google Map edit mode for that greenway, and it was on the maps for a couple years. Then, one day, for no apparent reason, it just vanished. Why???  Again, I had provided official city documentation for my edits.

They also like to draw in private driveways as if they are roads. I've had a couple of those corrected, but why do they do that? At one time, they had Old Town Road continue on to the south of Buddington Road. We do have a paper street there, but not a drivable road. So I asked it to be removed. They responded, "you're right and we've fixed it!"  But when I looked, they had then made the neighbor's driveway, which runs alongside the City's paper street, look like a road. I tried to get that corrected but was just ignored.

That's a private driveway, not a road.
How does one go about requesting map changes in Google Map?  One option is to select a feature, and then select "Report a problem", which is in small type on the very bottom right side of the map. Another is to contribute via Google Map Maker. I encourage everyone to request that these issues be corrected. 

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