Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It's Baaaack!

A few years back, an anonymous party left a nice bench at the Rec Path parking area On Constitution Blvd. Your Trails Committee decided to place it next to the bridge overlooking the Silent Waters reservoir, where it provided a place to relax with a great view. It was enjoyed by many, but trusting as we were, we did not secure it. Vandals eventually decided it would be fun to deprive the public of a rest area and tossed it over the bridge. Fortunately, it landed in some heavy brush below, and we were able to retrieve it and keep it from harms way until it could be replaced.

Last Saturday we were able to restore and secure the bench. Hopefully, folks will get to relax and enjoy the scenic view and the goons will stay away. If you should see anyone tampering with this or any other trail items, please notify the police.

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Trails Committee members Jim, Terry, and Richard position the bench.

Rich digs one of the holes for the bench leg bases.

Rocks! Official New England crop! Terry helps open the hole.
Jim aligns the steel bar that will anchor the bench in concrete.
Terry adds water to the cement mix.

The bench is restored and ready for the next weary hiker!


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  1. Great job and looking forward to the view from the rest stop.