Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You're Bluffing!

The Bluff Walk Trail is an easily accessed hike close to downtown Shelton but presenting a quiet and picturesque view of the Housatonic Dam. One section of the trail skirts two ball fields, and narrows between the outfield fences and a steep drop. This section tends to become overgrown quickly, and our work party's goal was to open up this path as well as clear the leaf litter that had gathered on the length of the trail over the summer.

Shelton Trail Committee Chairman Bill and members Terry and Richard were joined by volunteers Mike, Mary Beth, and Anthony on this Saturday. Committee member Sandie was our photographer.

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Knotweed, tons of it


Japanese Knotweed, Poison Ivy, Wild Grapes, and assorted brambles and choking vines obstructed the trail behind the baseball outfield fences

Bill uses power shrub trimmers to tackle the weeds....

...while Richard swings a machete

Mike fires up the leaf blower. The trails had a residue of fallen leaves left over from the previous Autumn

Mary Beth tries to find a place under the rug to hide all the cut vegetation
Anthony used most of the tools at hand in his efforts
The trail went from this...

...to this by the time we were through

Another productive Saturday, made possible with the help of volunteers. We hope to see some new faces pitching in at our next work party. Join us!

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  1. Nice post Sandie & Rich. The Bluff Walk have some lovely views of the Housatonic River in the Fall. Enjoy an easy stroll in one of Shelton's historic parks.