Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RecPath Construction Resumes at Crabapple Drive

People are starting to explore the new sections of the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path over by Huntington Center. Here's a nice family having some fun near Lizard Head Rock.

Last week Pruzinky & Sons resumed work and placed a fine gravel topcoat on the Lane St. fire access road. The road was built to provide the Shelton Fire Department a second means of access into the neighborhood, but it also makes a great multi-use path.

The lower crossing at Wesley Drive now clearly links both sides of the road.

The RecPath now turns off the fire access road and connects with the sections that were built earlier.
Which brings you down along the edge of the Land Trust Meadow and out to Lane St. & Huntington Center by the Fire House.

Meanwhile, on the portion north of Crabapple Drive the guys from Fairview Tree Farm have started clearing out toward the powerlines.

Construction is gradually proceeding with the base. Hopefully we will have most of this new construction done in August. Have fun exploring, but mind the excavators when they are working please.

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