Saturday, July 16, 2011


There was a lot of activity this week from various groups in Shelton that are trying to improve things in the City.

On Saturday, the Shelton Trails Committee spend a hot morning clearing briars and barberry from the Paugussett Trail between Indian Well State Park and Sinsabaugh Heights. Some people had so much fun whacking weeds they went back and cut some more with the mower later in the week, hopefully when it was cooler.

And one volunteer from CFPA drove in from Danbury to help us! Now all we need is all those local students who wanted community service hours to show up.

And a big thanks to CFPA for leading the charge on Municipal Liability Reform for Open Space. The Governor signed the bill into law today, & it only took months of arguing and arm-twisting. But on to more tangible endeavors.

Tuesday a crew from PerkinElmer worked in 90+ degree heat to spread woodchips along the RecPath off Oak Valley Road. Two other PE crews should be working on the RecPath during the next two Tuesdays by the Dog Park and at Wesley Drive to help complete the RecPath prior to our September 9th Celebration.

Thanks to the Shelton Parks & Recreation Department for loading & hauling all the wood chip mulch that was placed.

And then on Thursday a group of Sikorsky Aircraft volunteers cleaned up dozens of bags of trash along the Far Mill River & Trail behind ASF Sports on Rt. 110. The area needed it & it's good to see corporations helping their staff take on these challenges. That portion of the Far Mill Greenway has some really scenic spots along the river.

Volunteers also put new signs at the Eklund Native Species Garden at 10 Oak Valley Road so people could find and enjoy the mid-summer blossoms.

While it's not a trail item the Shelton Lakes Community Garden #2 on Soundview Avenue is also up and running thanks to volunteers. And a big thanks to the Huntington Co Volunteer Fire Department for keeping the water tanks filled at the garden. Those tanks are probably going to get a workout this coming week.

Thank you again to Dean at Parks & Rec for hooking up the piping from the tanks to the garden.

And the Dog Park folks spent some time sprucing up their park on the Shelton Lakes Greenway along Nells Rock Road today. It's nice to see the landscaping and maintenance going on.

It's weeks like this that renew your faith that Americans can solve problems and get things done. Sometimes the world's troubles seem so large and unsolvable that we just throw up our hands. And maybe we can't fix world peace or the economy; but we can all cut some briars, move some mulch, pick up some trash, or grow some food. Every little thing that we chose to do, or not do, counts. Now if only the Republicans and Democrats in Washington and Hartford could just get The Memo. Thanks to everybody who chose to be a somebody in Shelton this week.

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