Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can't Stop Those Blue Dudes

Just when people walking their dogs on the RecPath thought it was safe to go back in the woods for a nice quiet stroll, another pack of Perkin Elmer-ites were at it again this past Tuesday.

The Parks & Rec Department dropped off more mulch & the PE team provided the muscle to move it all into place along the RecPath.

They moved a lot of mulch to protect the middle section of the RecPath. This would've cost a lot of money if the City had to hire workers to do it and it was great to see the volunteers pitch in.

Bill Dyer used the Trails Committee's Gator to shuttle mulch around to the various work groups.

This was the third and final group of PerkinElmer folks to work on the RecPath this month. Surprisingly, this was the biggest group who also picked the best weather of the three days to work in. They must have had a good scheduler. Here they are with their instruments of destruction, including one woman who brought a big snow shovel? Was she hoping for colder weather?

Even on the "cool" day it was obvious that these guys put in quite a bit of work.

We think that everybody on the Trails Committee is very grateful to all the good folks at Perkin Elmer for all their hard work. They are an example to every business in Shelton that it pays to invest in the community; one way or another. Everybody go out at lunch, or before or after work and enjoy their handiwork.

And if you feel like volunteering for a trail work party just show up. You don't have to dress in blue or bring dozens of friends, but by all means, the more the merrier. Thanks again to the dudes in blue.

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  1. Nice videos in the Shelton Patch about the work party. Count how many times Bill says some form of "appreciate"