Monday, July 25, 2011

PerkinElmer Gang Strikes Again

Last Tuesday, a perfectly good summer day with temperatures and humidity levels well above 90, the peace and quiet of the day was shattered by the racket of a gang of blue interlopers in the woods.

That's right, another group of PerkinElmer workers, armed with field instruments, had escaped their air conditioned cubicles to volunteer to work along the Recpath. Their location, just above the Shelton Dog Park, was in clear sight of a major road, but no supervisor drove by and made them return to work. Clearly management was slacking off.

Their plan, was to place more mulch along the RecPath than the first crew from PerkinElmer placed last week. It could have been to claim bragging rights, or to earn a cold beverage. We're not sure yet.

And just to make the competition fair, they selected an equally sauna-like day to work on as the first crew. They did a very professional job fixing up the edges of the newly constructed path so the edges wont erode. If their supervisors see this they may put them to work maintaining the grounds at their office building.

Here is a group photo of these scary looking people from a local company out volunteering on a handicapped-accessible RecPath along the Shelton Lakes Greenway. Be careful if you're out walking on the RecPath tomorrow above the Dog Park - there may be more PerkinElmer folks moving more mulch, and trying to out-outdo their coworkers. They may be aided and abetted by a guy in a green cap who looks like an escapee from a golf course. If you see them be careful or they might put you to work. Offer them a cold drink and say thank you, and they may let you pass.

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