Friday, December 31, 2010

Enjoy the Snow

Don't turn back just because it's winter. Get out and enjoy the snow.

The contractors finished up building the base for the RecPath right before Christmas & then it snowed. Today it was 40 degrees and sunny so I ventured out to enjoy the walk.

Parks & Rec had plowed out the parking lot for the Dog Park on Nells Rock Road & a number of people and their dogs were enjoying the DP. The parking lots at Abby Wright, Hope Lake, and the Dam Parking Lot were also cleared. Nice work P&R.

Winter is a great time to explore the woods - especially with house-bound kids. There were lots of animal tracks criss-crossing the RecPath. The snow had melted down some so walking wasn't a problem, but you'll get a workout for your legs. The RecPath is great for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing too.

After I came out to Oak Valley Road I looped back east along Oak Valley Trail (white blazes), and north along the Blue Dot trail on the backside of Hope Lake. The lake was really pretty in the pines.

This nice woman (sorry that I didn't write here name down) and her dog "Shelton" were out enjoying the RecPath near the Dog Park while her husband and other pooch were inside the DP. Shelton definitely has the right coat for this trip.

So don't let the snow keep you indoors. Get out and enjoy the new improvements on Shelton's trail system & say hi to "Shelton" if you see him.

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