Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rec Path Construction at Hope Lake

After talking and talking and talking about building the Rec Path for the last fifteen years, it's a little surreal to see it actually get built so fast. The photo above is along Nells Rock Road, near the Dog Park and Shelton Avenue, looking towards Hope Lake.

It's a very short walk to the Hope Lake Dam along the new Path. Note: Like the Dog Park, the Rec Path is not officially open. During the week, there is a lot of construction equipment using the Path as a haul road and it is not safe to hike. Weekends might be OK to explore the new construction, but use caution. This particular section under construction is only 3/4 mile long (see map), but eventually the Rec Path will stretch from Pine Lake (on Shelton Ave) all the way to Huntington Center.

Nice view! This is the back side of Hope Lake. Nells Rock Road is on the opposite side. The Rec Path does not follow the shoreline due to grading issues and because we didn't walk to spoil the character of the lake with a busy path right along the shore. After the overlook, the Path heads away from the reservoir, into thick stand of spruce trees, then continues on towards the powerlines.

The contractors (Pruzinsky & Sons with Fairview Farm) have quite the operation. Out in front is the backhoe doing some basic grading. The Path cannot be steeper than 8% because we want it to be handicapped-accessible. That's a real challenge!

Back at the Dog Park, there are a couple of small trucks getting filled with a stony material that is being used for the sub-base of the Path. It gets a little congested there at the Dog Park driveway, but it seems to be working out OK. People just need to be careful and not sneak up behind a tractor or truck.

The trucks haul the stone up the Rec Path. They go pretty fast, so don't try walking on the trail while the guys are working!

The stone is delivered to this little bulldozer, who spreads the sub base. After all the grading is done and the sub-base spread, a surface of fine crush stone & dust will be applied, so it should look just like the part that was completed two years ago over by the Middle School.

A few days ago, shortly after heavy rains, the dam overflow looked and sounded like Niagara Falls. It was beautiful! By the time I took the above photo, the flow had diminished substantially, but people are still going to see and hear water falling for much of the year.

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  1. I've seen the men working when at the dog park, and I'm glad to read about what is happening. It's a great addition for Shelton...