Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun Paugussett Trail Work Party 12/11/10

Well, it started chilly, but warmed up as the morning got on. We had a good time clearing the Paugussett Trail south of Indian Well State Park Saturday morning.

Thanks to a good turn out of volunteers, including John, Luis, Kelly, Jim, Rich, Sheri, Terry, & Bill we got a lot done.

Kelly and Sheri lead the lower crew clearing out the trail treadway from fall leaves and storm damage. Access to the trail is at The Maples parking lot for Indian Well State Park on Indian Well Road off Rt. 110. Just follow the blue blazes south through the meadow.

We cleared out briars that had grown into the trail along with other brush & debris.

The new trail passes below historic stone walls built in the 1930's by the CCC. The area was pretty following a dusting of snow last night.

Sheri was clearing out branches hung up in the trees over the trail.
Helpful Trail Safety Tip:
Don't stand under the branch when pulling it down out of the tree.

No trail volunteers were injured in the the making of this movie.

We crossed Rt. 110 and climbed the hill working as we went. Eventually we met up with Rich, "GrandPaw" Bill & Jim working their way down from Sinsebaugh Heights on Meadow Street. Rich said the leaf blowing went better after the sticks and frozen leaves were moved out first.

These guys showed up at the parking lot near the end - a little two late to help with the work party - but good to have around.

We got a really lot done & it was helpful having 8 people so we could split up into 2 groups. Thanks John, Luis, Kelly & everybody else for coming out to help. Enjoy the trail and explore the old CCC stone work at Indian Well Road - you'll see things from the trail that you'll never see from driving on the road.


  1. If you click on the last photo to enlarge it, then click again, look under the red tape in the center of the photo. You'll find a Leprechaun sitting there reading a cheap novel.

  2. Cheap novel? Actually from its size, it looks like a hard cover book, maybe a first edition.

  3. On the other hand, it could be a box of "Lucky Charms" cereal!

  4. I didn't think the Poles had Leprechauns?

  5. Everyone is either Irish or wants to be Irish.

  6. A Polish Leprechaun is called a chochlik. If the critter in the photo is a chochlik, he was probably reading the writings of Copernicus or "Idiot's Guide to Trail Construction".