Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wet 'n' Wild

On one of the rare temperate days of this July, the Shelton Trails Committee organized a fun Saturday, inviting all to join us in guided hikes, biking, and kayaking at Silent Waters. We had initially included sledding on the agenda, but the anticipated blizzard did not materialize. That aside, we couldn't have asked for better weather.

Enjoy the cruise? This father-son team won the prize for coolest looking boat. One of our goals was to get people out exploring the open spaces that they hadn't visited yet, and we think we succeeded.

Jim and Terrance inspect the flotilla before launching the first kayak.

In spite of the low water level, the hardy sailors were able to push off from our canoe launch. Bill was elected to test the waters and managed to keep his feet dry! (and his white sneakers shiny)

Terrance bids farewell to son Ryan, the sailor gone to sea.

Ryan joins father and son kayakers exploring the perimeter of Silent Waters. This small body of water attracts fishermen and floaters both, due to its serene and colorful nature. If not for its proximity to the road, you would think that you were in a primitive wilderness.

Emma has her learner's permit, but she hasn't attended the class on which side of the paddle goes up yet. "Why is this thing going in circles?"

While the Silent Waters Yacht Club was out paddling Teresa lead a group hike along the Turkey Trot Trail. Some folks got to explore some areas that they hadn't seen before. We passed a few trail runners, dog walkers, and other familys out enjoying the trails. We also had some mountain bikers, and two cute little girls on scooters enjoying the paved portions of the RecPath over by the Intermediate School.

Teresa points out a lurking alligator while Biscuit the Sea Dog is more concerned with the dock they are about to crash into.

It was a beautiful day, we did some new enjoyable things, and we had a nice turnout from a wide variety of folks out exploring and enjoying Shelton's greenways.


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