Monday, August 9, 2010

Silent Waters Bird of Prey

During a recent guided hike around Silent Water, a group of us took a detour to the back of the Intermediate School where this very large bird of prey was screeching nonstop over our heads. A catbird down below seemed to be answering him. What a racket!

Lynn Reid snapped the photo. The bird seemed very white and gray. Not sure what it is, possibly a Harrier (Marsh Hawk). The call was not a typical "hawk" call - more of a shrill whistle similiar to the call of a Harrier. Harriers are usually seen along the coast over marshes.

Later, I (Teresa) lead another group along Turkey Trot Trail, where I pointed out a piece of quartz lodged in the trail that might be an arrowhead. We couldn't get it out of the dried trail immediately and left it. A couple days later I was able to did it out, and it indeed was an arrowhead.

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