Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hidden Treasure

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Hidden from traffic, and known but to a few (catchers of fish and locals), the lower Far Mill River is a scenic and serene location that begs to be explored along its sometimes raging banks, although as we hacked at the overgrowth on this work party, the river was closer to a trickle due to this summer's lack of rain.

Winter and Spring storms had dropped a number 0f dead trees across the upper trail. Plans had been in the works to clear and level the existing sloped and somewhat precarious trail, but we found that some good citizens had already been hard at work at the leveling part. Thank you, kind citizens, whoever you are!

There was still the matter of those fallen trees. Terry made short work of it, though. Some touch-ups on the trail floor itself, and it was ready for serious foot traffic.

Ah...that looks much better!

Brambles, vines, and weeds almost buried the trail in some places.

What! Another break? Dominic and Peggyann actually did an outstanding job of whacking down those pesky weeds.

Luis and Lynn provide encouragement to a fisherman at the ol' swimmin' hole (one of the treasures along this river) after having pruned away some of the jungle on the lower trail.

"What river???" Terry had plans of raking seaweed, but there was not much sea to weed!

This trail may be accessed from 865 River Road, across from the Shelton transfer station entrance, behind the ASF Sports and Outdoors building on the left corner.

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