Saturday, August 21, 2010

Twilight Traipsing

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In spite of the scheduling of our second annual night hike the same evening as the Wednesday Concert on the Green, a nice group of hardy adventurers joined us for an invigorating romp through both open and wooded sections of the Shelton Rec Path. Participants included men, women, children, dogs, and any accompanying fleas, flies, and mosquitoes that came along for the ride.

The group met at the Community Center, where Teresa explained the nature of the hike, assured all present that there are no bears in Huntington (in spite of husband Terry's warnings), and read everyone their Miranda rights.

A short stroll down Lane Street brought us to the kiosk marking the beginning (or ending, depending upon your direction of travel) of the Shelton Rec Path. This kiosk, by the way, is one of several that were the result of local Eagle Scout projects over the years.

Our trail passes through two pastoral meadows, where critters such as deer are often seen browsing or doing their wildlife thing. This meadow is part of the Shelton Land Trust properties. We've all been told at one time or another to "stop and smell the roses". No, Emma, that's a weed!

Lynn had her trio of pooches along for protection.

The Rec Path crosses Wesley Drive in two places. Here anxious hikers, adrenalin pumping, can't wait for the rest of the crowd, but are dead set on being the first to find the bears that Teresa said don't exist.

It's not long before the sun goes down and the flashlights and glow sticks come out (and some of us wish we had checked the batteries before leaving home). This is where the fun begins!

YIKES!!!! A BEAR!!! No, it's just one of our happy hikers emerging from the woods near the end of our ramble. (Whew!).

All who participated seemed to enjoy the evening, as expressed by some of those on their first hike with us, commenting that they will definitely be joining us on future adventures.

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