Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Survey

A group of intrepid, if not loony, Shelton Trail Committee members embarked on an expedition rivaling the similar Lewis and Clark picnic of years gone by. Only this group included Ryan Gallagher, a student of committee psychology who switched majors shortly after witnessing the testing of group dynamics under stress. The purpose of this outing was to roughly lay out a route that will accommodate hikers, bikers, casual strollers and marathon runners and at the same time be handicap accessible.

After a light warm-up of cutting trees and sawing to lengths, we left
the log-pile behind and embarked on our journey of discovery

Terrance gave a field expedient lecture on the preparation and maintenance of snowballs

Spotting a wild Giant Icelandic Mini-Bowser, Lynn made a grab for the
dangerous beast before it could devour the rest of us

The Terror of the Trails

Parts of the Shelton Trails are truly a winter wonderland!

Terrance and Bill discuss trail placement

You buried the moose HERE???

Mission accomplished in spite of the frigid temperatures, the
group readily smiles, not yet realizing that their cars won't start
when they return to the parking area.


  1. Nice pictures Rich - and a good job with the hot coffee and doughnuts. You may have a future career as a mobile catering service if the part-time, un-paid, polar, mountain lion dodging, do-good trails volunteer thing doesn't pan out.

  2. Any bike tracks in the snow?