Saturday, January 30, 2010

Restoring Order

Terrance is either trying to saw off a
hung-up branch or poke a squirrel

Having abandoned that approach, the task is turned over to Bill,
Master chainsaw operator, to show us how it's done

"Well, that didn't work. Let's try it from this side"

"Put that chainsaw away before you hurt someone! Here, I'll show
how to do this the old-fashioned way.....with an ax!"

Chopping, sawing, and some elbow grease finally did the job.
The Three
Amigos then moved on to clearing vines
and invasives From an area
adjacent to the dam
to provide a clear view of the lake

Bill decided to test the waters. Fortunately for Terrance and Rich,
it was hard water and they didn't have to haul a frozen Bill
up the steep bank and possibly perform mouth-to-mouth

Bill finishes clearing vines and brambles from around the tree.
Unfortunately, the
photographer did not think to take
a "before" photo, so the reader has to

imagine what it looked like prior to our labor

Other than frostbite, no injuries were incurred this day,
in spite of the chainsaw juggling and ax tossing.
bring on the next project!


  1. Very well documented - nice job!

  2. Even though it was 10 degrees with biting wind, people were out using the RecPath while we were taking down the tree - and going under the tree before we could say anything. We love to talk to folks, but we should remind people that standing under a tree that is being cut down is not a good idea.

    Nice pictures Rich - too bad we didn't get a picture of you working on the dam. We were clearing the vines off so we could set a bench on top in the Spring. Hopefully the next work party is warmer.