Friday, October 2, 2009

Gearing up for Shelton Day

The Trails Committee is preparing for our Shelton Day booth this weekend on Howe Avenue. It's our first time having our own booth but we were able to get a good deal on a used balloon so we'll be ready for the parade at noon.

Stop in and visit us Sunday. We will have the most important booth on the street (well, maybe not as good as the Kettlecorn folks, but a darn good booth none the less - and we're free). Learn more about the open space in your neighborhood, locate hidden fishing spots, find put-ins for whitewater kayaking, or trails to walk your dog, where to find a bobcat or coyote, or where to go to ride a bike with the kids, or places to hide from your spouse when it's time to do chores around the house. You can hear about the new Eklund Native Species Garden, handicapped accessible trails and fishing areas, how Shelton is trying to preserve farms, upcoming guided hikes, and extending the Paugussett Trail.

Lynn Reid will have baked her own weight in muffins and brownies, which are yours for the asking. Teresa Gallagher will share her favorite venison recipes as she talks about preserving our native species and possibly letterboxing. Bill Dyer will talk about Dog Parks, how to properly hug a tree, and undoubtedly golf or baseball. Terry Gallagher will sell bottles of his special mosquito repellent (contains Off, two-cycle oil, & sawdust). Jim Taradine and Pete Conway will administer the Trail Volunteer field test to anybody who thinks they can pass and wants to sign up. Rich Skudlarek will autograph copies of the new Trails End magazine & give demonstrations on different ways that bootlaces can save your life. Don't pass up this action packed afternoon & meet the Trails & Conservation volunteers - see you there.

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  1. You've convinced me! Where do I sign up? And put me down for a subscription to "Trails End" magazine!