Saturday, October 31, 2009

Far Mill River Trail work

On a misty Saturday morning we set to work defining and clearing part of the Far Mill River Trail, starting behind the Well Spring Estates. Most of the work involved whacking and cutting weeds, thorns and wayward branches and raking enough of the leaves to make the trail recognizable. Although the area was wet, the air was warm and the scenery was New England beautiful.

In spite of being warned it would not work, Jim Taradine tried to
move this boulder with his loppers. Jim never listens.

Jim and Bill Dyer look for the best path through rugged terrain.

Lynn Reid defines the trail with her rake.

Lynn and Bill compare horticulture notes while Terrance Gallagher
finally catches up with the rest of the work party.

The sights along the trail are numerous and well worth the hike along the Far Mill River Trail.
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  1. Nice picture of the waterfall - everybody should go check it out in person.

    And I picked the perfect time to show up to the work party; after all the work was done, but in time to show up in the photos like I helped. Maybe I should get into politics.

    Hopefully the folks who complained about not being able to find the trail at Shelton Day will now go in and trim whatever brush we missed.